Video: Literally Eric Schmidt, Literally

All great CEOs have presentation secrets. Apple CEO Steve Jobs says “boom!” a lot — and other superlatives. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer loves to repeat certain words three times — often while clapping his hands. But what about departing Google CEO Eric Schmidt? What’s his secret?

It’s the use of the word “literally”, literally.

The guys at Whirled have cooked up the fun video above as a tribute to Schmidt for a solid 10 year run leading Google. “Just a fun little roast of a video involving dutifully watching 20 hours of Eric Schmidt speeches,” they tell us.

And if you listen closely, you can even hear our own Erick Schonfeld getting in on the repetitive fun as Schmidt listens. Will Larry Page continue the Google Literally tradition?

Below find the best of Schmidt’s counterparts.

Update: But before that, be sure to check out what has to be the best Schmidt “literally” comment ever. “We literally eat our own dogfood.” Um, really?