Apple Quietly Retiring The Xserve Today

The Apple Xserve is at the end of its life. Today’s the last day you can pick one up directly from Sorry, everyone. There’s cake in the break room and you’re going to have to look elsewhere for your Apple rackmounted solutions — or throw the $999 Mac mini Snow Leopard Server on table and hook up a couple of external hard drives.

Hopefully this isn’t coming as much of a surprise. It was announced back on November 5th, 2010. Apple will still service and support Xserves well into the future. Today’s just the day that the product page will disappear from the Apple website. Enterprise buyers will still have access to the remaining stock until that runs dry. After that, Apple agents will kindly direct shoppers to Mac Pros or Mac mini Snow Leopard servers saying something like, “Save a rack. Buy a mini Mac.”