Apple Makes Changes To Repair Policy Involving Liquid Sensors

Apple has quietly made a change to its repair policy regarding the liquid contact indicators, or LCI. You may remember last years lawsuit surrounding the issue. Perhaps that had something to do with it.

The sensors are used for Apple technicians to detect if foul play has occurred when customers bring back non-working devices. Without them, it’s more difficult to prove water damage and customers would end up with free replacements. Because of the sensors, Apple became so strict that they often denied honest customers a replacement. Humidity issues were known to set off the sensors.

A new repair memo indicated that Apple is making changes to the iPod water sensor policy. The new policy states that if the customer disputes whether the sensor has been set off, Apple may look for external corrosion damage. If there appears to be none, the warranty will still be valid. While this is only for iPods at the moment, there’s no reason that iPhones and iPads can’t be included.

[via AppleInsider]