2RedBeans Is A JDate For Chinese-Americans

The success of JDate, an online dating service aimed towards matching Jewish singles, has proven dating sites for niche religious or cultural groups can actually work. Today, 2RedBeans, a graduate of the Founder Institute, has launched a dating site exclusively focused on matching Chinese-Americans.

The site has a slightly different twist from most dating sites—2RedBeans tries to match singles in accordance with Chinese cultural values. For example, the site’s matchmaking algorithm places special emphasis on unique characteristics that are possibly relevant to the Chinese; such as date of immigration, and highest level of education.

2RedBeans, which is currently free for users, also includes live chat functionality that will suggest chat topics based on the singles’ common interests. A “Secret Admiring” functionality allows a shy user can to anonymously “secretly admire” another single. That ‘Admired’ user will then be notified that they have a secret admirer, and will be presented with a lineup of different suitors. If they choose the person who secretly admired them, the two will then be connected and informed of the match.

And apparently 2RedBeans is already having success matching Chinese-Americans. In the past two months in beta, the site already has close to 1000 users and has successfully matched over 100 Chinese-American couples.

Of course, Chinese singles who are interested in meeting other Chinese singles can also limit their matches to certain cultures and religions on sites like Match.com.