Smile-Scan: Omron Updates Its Smile-O-Meter

In Japan, where customers aren’t considered kings but “gods”, the level of friendliness your employees show can make or break your business. That’s why it’s no surprise that it was a Japanese company, Omron, which was the first to develop a high-tech “smile-o-meter” [JP] in 2009 (as previously reported).

The device, dubbed Smile-Scan, analyzes the way you smile (by checking key spots like your mouth and eyes) before giving scores: a 100% score means you just showed the perfect smile, for example.

It turns out the Smile-Scan was a hit with the target group (mostly the service industry), as Omron recently updated the device. It now has a video training function, which helps users to improve their smile, for example.

Omron started offering the new system in Japan this week (price: $7,300). The company plans to sell a total of 200 units, but it probably won’t bring the Smile-Scan to other markets.