Kickstarter: The Rustic Case for iPad and Kindle 3 Is A Handmade Must-Have

Show me a handmade device case like this one from Kickstarter, and I’ll show you the money. I love ’em. The DODOcase is a prime example. High-quality material, a SanFran-based labor force, and honest marketing. Btw, we have a big DODOcase giveaway coming next week for Valentine’s Day. You’re going to love it.

The Rustic Case for iPad and Kindle 3 is from the same thread. This mostly wool sleeve is just that, a sleeve to hold your precious slate. But the handsome look, top-shelf materials and fair price ultimately sells the case. But there’s a catch. They need help. That’s where you and Kickstarter comes in.

The creator turned to the crowd-funding site mainly because the cost of material is so high. The goal here is to produce the case in New England from a locally-sourced 80/20 wool polyester blend and the $5,000 would be used to cover the up-front material order and the cost of a specialty sewing machine. A fair request, I’d say.

Pledge anything you want; you don’t have to donate a lot. As of this post’s writing, the project only has one $50 pledge and there’s 29 days left.

$40 and $50 pledges net funders a Kindle 3 or iPad case, with a $20 pledge giving you a $5 discount code that can be used later on. A $90 or $100 pledge will get you either a Kindle 3 or iPad cases but with your initials embroidered on to it as well as a Rustic Case Company t-shirt. A $500 pledge will get you two sets of cases, one with your initials and one without for gifting purposes, as well as a 20% discount for life. All pledge levels include the always-popular “I’m helping someone make their dream happen” feeling that comes with funding a product on Kickstarter.