Evangelion-Themed Hotel Room Is Every Otaku's Dream

I went through an anime phase in college, discovering all the cool stuff from the 80s and 90s that I’d missed, and among the few I remember fondly is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Its legacy continues in new re-imaginings, toy lines, and now, hotel rooms. Are you one of these guys who can’t get enough of the passive, blue-haired Rei? Well now you can sleep in an entry plug and be woken by her charmingly reluctant voice.

Yes, it’s pretty weird. But when you think about it, it’s no weirder than, like, Disneyland. Or the themed hotels in Paris. I guess they don’t all have life-sized Rei figurines, though, or a full-sized Unit 01 head smashing through the wall nearby.

The hotel room is at the Highland Resort amusement park by Mt. Fuji, and will run you about $450 per night starting March 1st.

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