Apple Hiring College Kids Part Time With Full Benefits

College students, how would you like to work at Apple part time? Get full benefits and something more than $10 an hour? Beats working in the cafeteria right? Well, Apple is beginning to hire college students to answer AppleCare phone calls. And it might end up changing the customer service game entirely.

Not only is Apple helping students get experience for their resume, decent health coverage and a cushy work environment, but also solving everyones hatred for austere outsourced labor. It’s called the College Advisor Program. Students are given a free iMac to work from and are expected to work 16 hours a week during the semester and 40 hours in the summer. Also, it doesn’t have to end when you graduate. The program has been known to hire students right after graduation.

To get the job you have to be at one of the schools that Apple supports and have a 2.7 GPA. That’s pretty much it, besides having a strong tech background and being customer service focused.

Could this model be game charging? So many times we think that Apple changes the game. Be it iPad, iPhone or even iPod. There’s nothing new here, just a different way of execution. I think it’s brilliant and would have loved to have this job in college. Anyone say Apple discounts?

Let’s see if other companies seek college student’s labor. They work hard, are super motivated and for the most part cheap. Just as long as they remember to stay sober.

via 9to5mac