DLD11: Boticca is breaking the back of intercontinental designer jewellery sales (TCTV)

Boticca, which launched out of London late last year, is an ecommerce startup which creates a marketplace for limited edition designer original jewellery and other accessories. Created by former Accel Partners associate Avid Larizadeh and co-founder Kiyan Foroughi it’s in a similar space to Gemvara and Jewelmint, but emphasises design, especially creating an emotional connection between its designers and its customers.

I met with with Larizadeh at DLD who explained on TCTV some of the thinking behind the site, which has been designed to be super user friendly and to tell a story behind the designs.

She says sales have tacked up since the holidays and about 50% of its transactions are intercontinental and 70% are inter-country, like an Israeli designer selling to a Saudi Princess for instance.

Based in London, Boticca is currently bootstrapped as well as funded by angel investors from Europe and the US. It’s also had celebrity traction from the likes of Lady Gaga and others. And it looks like they will be funding-raising soon.