The Verizon iPhone Ordering Pages Are Now Live At

You’re such a tease, Apple. Even though the Verizon iPhone ordering pages (16GB & 32GB) are now live on, it doesn’t mean Big Red’s Jesusphone will get here before earlier. So yeah, all you’ve created is a big time sink for most customers who will no doubt go through the paces of buying the device and selecting various rate plans in a feeble attempt to simulate the real thing. (Like I have four times and I don’t even want one)

Sure, you can actually follow the prompts and buy a Verizon iPhone now, but it likely won’t ship any sooner. You’re probably still going to have until February 10th like the rest of America. It’s not like ordering an iPhone online gives you the full experience anyway. You’re supposed to camp out in the freezing cold for hours with your fellow dedicated brethren. That’s what AT&T subs have done for years and that’s what you should do, too.