Motorola: Xoom On Track For February, Smaller Tablets On The Way

Confirming some speculation and defying some other speculation, Motorola announced today during its earnings call that its Xoom tablet is still on track for a late-February release, despite rumors that Honeycomb is only half-baked. I think we all know Honeycomb is going to be a bit of a rough launch; I’m waiting for 3.1.

Motorola also mentioned that they believe diversity in the tablet form factor space is important, and that 7-inch tablets are perfectly practical and have demand. That’s supportable: even the obvious stopgap Galaxy Tab has sold over a million units, and it doesn’t even have a proper tablet OS.

The smaller tablets would come later in the year, presumably once Moto and others have gotten the hang of Android 3.0 and can put out a new product with more than simply a smaller footprint.

[via Electronista]