Are You Man Enough For This iPad Bjorn?

Say you’re on the subway or hiding in your favorite bushes. Say you only have one hand free and want to use your iPad. Do you hold the iPad in one hand and tap at the screen with your nose like a chicken? No, you don’t. You buy an Assero Defender, a front-mounted backpack for people who are absolutely fine with looking like a doofus because dammit, they don’t need society to tell them what to do.

The $130 Defender has a little brother, the $90 Protector, and both strap to the front of your body and include a number of straps and pockets for your various precious items. I suspect you can also put a little board in there and create a magical tea party table for you and your friends the Green Rabbit and Mr. Moleenworth. The choice, as they say, is yours.

via Crave