Razer's Portable Ferox Speakers Shoot Sound In Every Direction

A good pair of portable speakers is hard to find. Well, not that hard, but non-powered speakers that produce good sound and yet fit comfortably in a bag aren’t exactly littering the ground. Razer looks to remedy this with their new Ferox sound system, a pair of egg-shaped speakers that open up at the top and provide “360 degree omni-directional acoustics.”

We’ll forgive them for using that phrase. They have acknowledged they have an overstatement problem, and they are going to see someone about it.

So in other words, the speakers aren’t directional, which may or may not be a good thing. Filling a small room with sound will be easy, but you also can’t really be the only one hearing it, which means their usability in public is somewhat reduced. They have rechargeable batteries in ’em, which are supposed to last 12 hours, which is nice, but also one more thing you have to worry about.

The mechanism that rises up at the top looks impressive, but who knows whether it produces decent sound? At $60 (available nowish) they’re not too much of a risk either way, but we’ll get some to review and let you know whether you should pick some up or just stick to headphones.