brings its 30,000-strong library of DJ sets to Android, iOS and Windows Phone, the cloud music platform for DJ mixes and other live recordings, has got pretty serious about mobile today by launching simultaneously on Android, iOS and Windows phone 7. However, this is about consumption of’s 30,000 strong library of DJ sets not an app to actually make recordings, so in that sense we’re not talking about a SoundCloud competitor and the like.

Available for 2.99 Euros from all of the respective app stores (iTunes App Store, Android Market, and Microsoft zune Marketplace), the basic app provides the user with 90 days of unrestricted access to audio streams, after which they’re limited to five hours listening per month. Alternatively, there’s a Premium model that grants continuous unlimited use of on-the-go. says that it currently sees around 150,000 users per month streaming music from the collection but with the ability to access these via mobile, an essential component of any music service, the company expects this to significantly grow.

As for the mobile app itself, browsing options include the “Featured List”, as well as navigation to the most popular and most recent DJ sets. There’s also the ability to search the entire database for DJ’s, clubs and festivals, “Genres” and a catch-all “More” tab, which includes sharing functions via Twitter and Facebook.

Next up for The Vienna, Austria-based startup says it plans to bring the service to game consoles, car entertainment systems, WLAN radios and TV sets.