PeopleBrowsr's Lets You Search 1,000 Days Of Past Twitter Conversations

PeopleBrowsr’s recently launched Twitter analytics and search platform is debuting a new feature today: the ability to search from 1,000 days of Twitter data. is essentially a high-powered Twitter search and analytics platform that allows users drill down by keyword, demographic, location, and more. also sorts Tweets by sentiment, and by community (i.e. Mommy Bloggers, Reporters). For the past four years, PeopleBrowser has indexed Twitter for social search and as mapped social connections, and today is launching the fruit of these efforts.

The startup is opening access to search Twitter conversations from the past 1,000 days free of charge, with options for paid plans to create specialized analysis and customized reports. Of course, the advantage to using’s search platform is that Twitter search only goes back 30 days, says the startup’s CEO and founder Jodee Rich. Rich adds that his company has forged a unique agreement with Twitter to access this data.

Of course, Google also offers archived Twitter search but’s access to 1,000 days of Twitter data includes extensive capabilities targeted towards marketers and media. Users can filter by keyword, date/time, location and profile information to find highly targeted communities with demographic, psychographic, geo-localized, and time-targeted criteria.

While the search platform is open for free to all users for a limited number of searches, users can pay a yearly $99 fee for unlimited access to 1,000 days of Twitter conversations, in-depth analytics and more.

One important challenge that could face is is Twitter starts rolling out a similar powerful analytics platform. Via acquisitions, we know microblogging network definitely considers analytics as a possible monetization opportunity.