launches its 'realtime' filesharing service, the browser-based file publishing and sharing service, gets an official launch today.

The service, which on the surface competes with a plethora of filesharing offerings such as YouSendIt, Dropbox or newer entrants like Twileshare, claims its Beta version went “viral” in November, seeing 10,000 sign-ups despite the fact no sign-up is required (although doing so unlocks additional features, such as longer storage times and analytics). Three million file downloads have taken place since.

The Danish startup’s main pitch with is an emphasis on realtime filesharing as well as doing away with the need to download plugins or desktop software. What the ‘realtime’ aspect actually refers to is that files can be shared before they’ve finished uploading, which if managed properly makes a lot of sense. There’s also little friction, since many file types – images, music, video etc. – can be consumed within the browser too. So, again, this makes it feel more realtime.

For now the complete service is free and ad-supported but Premium accounts are clearly the way forward. Planned for sometime this quarter, large file sizes will be an option as will higher quality video and audio sharing capabilities, and better statistics.