Report says that Sony Ericsson has Windows Phone 7 devices "in the pipeline"

A report from Digitimes today has stated that Sony Ericsson have Windows Phone 7 devices “in the pipeline.”

Sony Ericsson have previously said that Windows Phone 7 has “remained on their roadmap”, but, to date, we’ve seen nothing of any WinPho devices from ol’ ess eee.

However, with Sony Ericsson’s market share continuing to decrease, it seems that they may now be taking WP7 a little more seriously.

These are early days, so don’t expect any information on specific devices or hardware specs to leak out for a little while yet.

So, are you excited for a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 handset? Are there any little bits of Sony magic that you would like to see included? Let me know in the comments.

[via BGR]