Nintendo Clarifies Some 3DS Questions, Stonewalls Others In Interview

I’ve gotten used to the fact that Nintendo and a few other companies will pretty much never tell you what you want to know, just what they want you to know. Makes me feel a bit like I’m parroting PR, but for something like the 3DS, we’ll take what information we can get. In this case, Nintendo is on form and deftly maneuvering around specifics, while still managing getting a few solid answers out.

The entire interview is here at Game Life, but the most interesting points are:

  • Yes, 3DS will be totally region-locked, there will be no official way to unlock or use imported games
  • No game is committed to being available on launch day yet, more announcements will follow
  • Titles downloaded from the eShop will come with a set amount of transfers between 3DS units
  • 3-5 hours is the battery life \”using the system and all of its features\” but turning off 3D or dimming the screen will lengthen that time
  • No arrangements announced for 3D video content, demonstration was just to show that it worked well

So basically, we can expect more info closer to the March “launch window.” I’m looking forward to it, mainly for the revamped classics. I think the killer original 3D games will take a while to come out.