Huawei Sues Motorola Over Patents Disclosed To Nokia Siemens-Acquired Wireless Network

The drama continues between Chinese company Huawei Technologies and Motorola. The company has filed a lawsuit to prevent Motorola from giving Nokia Siemens (which acquired Motorola’s wireless network for $1.2 billion last year) Huawei’s IP information.

Essentially, Huawei is saying that because Motorola and the company has a previous licensing relationship, Motorola’s wireless networking unit was provided with details on Huawei’s confidential intellectual property. Huawei says that since the Nokia acquisition, the company “has tried to ensure that Motorola does not transfer this confidential information to NSN”.

Motorola, Huawei contends, has not provided any assurances that it will prevent disclosure of that IP information to Nokia. As stated in the release, “If Huawei’s proprietary commercial property and information is transferred to a third party, Huawei will suffer irreparable commercial damage,” since Nokia is a major competitor of the Chinese company.

And it gets uglier. In the actual complaint, Huawei is seeking an interim order that a portion of Motorola’s business not be transferred to NSN until the issue is resolved.

This isn’t the first time that Huawei and Motorola have sparred. Motorola actually sued Huawei last June for conspiring to steal trade secrets from former Motorola employees.

Motorola is also embroiled in an ongoing patent lawsuit with Microsoft.