HTC Merge/Lexicon appears with Alltell branding

We’ve not heard a peep from the HTC Merge (formally Lexicon) in some time now, and it was notably absent from CES this year, causing a few people to think that it might have been axed.

However, a new image of the device infers that maybe the device isn’t destined to fade away, but, rather, make an appaerance on regional carrier Alltell .

Of course, the only branding in the leaked image is on a homescreen wallpaper, which is hardly concrete (or even mudbrick) evidence, but it’s still worth noting, as we’ve not seen a Verizon related leak about the device in quite a while.

Back in November, we heard that it had been delayed until Q1 this year, in order to fit an LTE radio, so we’ll soon see if those rumours pan out, or if the device really did get the axe from Verizon.

Droid Life sourced the image, and also note that Alltell may also be getting the DROID X. It’s great to see some stellar phones are making it out to the regional carriers.

[via Into Mobile]