Giganews' Retention Has Reached 900 Days

Look at that: Giganews now has 900 days of binary retention. And to think I actually remember a time when my ISP-supplied news server had a whopping two days of retention time! It sure made things tricky way back when.

Giganews says that interest in Usenet has pretty much exploded in the past two years—where were you people before?—with postings going from 5TB per day in January, 2009 to just shy 9TB per day in January, 2011.

Adding hard drives is the quick and dirty solution, of course, but Giganews says it’s developed software that ensures postings posted 900 days ago download as fast as postings posted yesterday.

In the interest of “the first rule of Usenet is not to talk about Usenet” I will shut up now.