Foursquare Now Six Million Users Strong, Hit 381M Total Check-Ins In 2010

Foursquare has just announced some staggering growth stats via an infographic today. The company said that it has now hit 6 million registered users, grew 3400 percent in terms of check-ins and saw a total of 381,576,305 check-ins in 2010.

And it only took the location based social network a month and a half to add another million users. Foursquare’s largest event by check-ins was the Rally To Restore Sanity with 30,525 check-ins. The infographic also includes stats on post popular venues by category, and most popular brands on the network (MTV and Bravo are at the top of the list).

At Le Web last December, co-founder Dennis Crowley announced that Foursquare is seeing 2 million check-ins per day and adding 25K new users a day. At that time, Crowley said that users split up geographically between 60% US and 40% international, with the average Foursquare user checks in 3-4 times day. And less than three weeks after launching a photo uploading feature, the network hit one million photos shared.

Clearly, Facebook Places isn’t having much of an impact on Foursquare’s growth, which has accelerated even after Facebook’s debut of their competitor. New partners, features, and an all-round compelling product has no doubt helped Foursquare remain competitive.

You can read Crowley’s commentary at today’s DLD conference in Munich here.