BlipSnips Adds Enhanced Tagging And Captioning To Facebook Videos

There’s no doubt that Facebook is becoming a powerful hub for videos; with more than 2 billion videos watched per month on the network, and 20 million videos uploaded per month. While Facebook allows users to upload and tag videos much like you would with photos on the network, BlipSnips is launching a more feature-rich application suite for uploading and tagging customized for social videos. BlipSnips’ iPhone app and Facebook app allows users to upload video, actually visually mark moments within the video video, tag friends, and post it immediately to Facebook. The company is also announcing that Chris Kelly, former chief privacy officer at Facebook and a lead investor at BlipSnips, is joining the company as a senior advisor to the Board.

There are a number of features that make TechStars-incubated BlipSnips unique from Facebook’s own video uploading features, First, via the Facebook app and the free iPhone app, BlipSnips allows users to mark “moments” within videos that mark specific events. Users can also caption these moments with comments and descriptions.

Another unique capability within BlipSnips is the ability to tag Facebook friends within a video. This differs from Facebook’s tagging features because BlipSnips allows users to tag and mark friends within in the video, so a viewer can see where a friend makes an appearance within the timeline of a video (as opposed to just a general tag). And BlipSnips iPhone app includes all of this functionality. You simply log-in to the app via your Facebook credentials and you’ll be able to post and tag videos on the go.

So why would you use BlipSnips over Facebook’s own iPhone app or video uploader? The main reason would be to add enhanced deep tagging capabilities to Facebook videos, so you can actually mark key moments, add captions and friend appearances within videos. But as Facebook continues to ramp up its own video offerings, it would make sense for the social network to add this functionality.