Outfit7 Hits 60 Million Downloaded Apps, Made $200,000 On Christmas Day Alone

Tomorrow at the DLD Conference in Munich, mobile apps developer Outfit7 is set to announce that its iOS and Android apps have hit the 60 million downloads milestone, mere weeks after hitting 41 million. In fact, over 1 million downloads were logged on Christmas day alone, netting the company nearly $200,000.

Outfit7, which makes the hugely popular Talking Friends series of apps, says it expects to exceed 100 million total iOS and Android apps before the end of Q2 2011.

The company informs me that since its launch in July 2010, Talking Tom Cat – the first and most successful app in its catalog – has clocked 40 million downloads on its own. Outfit7 is also seeing decent conversion rates on in-app purchases, exceeding 10% on average.

This is a company that’s definitely on a roll, and like Angry Birds developer Rovio, it has strong European roots. The startup has no less than 18 apps scheduled for a 2011 release.

Keep an eye on this one; we certainly will.