PadPivot Nearing $40k In Kickstarter Funding, Shipping To Europe Now Possible

PadPivot hit Kickstarter with the force of dodgeball thrown by a fat kid. The novel tablet stand quickly hit its $10,000 funding goal and kept climbing. As of this post’s writing, the project is a couple hundred shy of $40,000 with 51 days remaining in its Kickstarter funding round.

Initially the PadPivot pre-orders were only going to ship within North America. This caused more than a few people to voice in the comments that while the project was awesome, it would not┬áreceive┬átheir backing because, well, they’re based in Euroland where the PadPivot wasn’t shipping. No worries, European financial┬ábackers simply need to add an additional $15 to their pledge and they’ll get their unit once the production begins. Sounds fair to me.