Kork iPad Case: Corky, Unique, And Eco-Friendly

One criticism I should have mentioned for pretty much the whole lineup of iPad cases I reviewed last month is that none of them really used any natural materials. Sure, it’s a pretty frou frou complaint, but some people don’t really want to buy any more nylon and plastic than they have to. The Dodocase and Ekocase are examples of a more natural, hand-made style, and this Kork one is even simpler, and possibly cooler.

It’s cork. I mean really, it’s just a single big piece of cork. Sounds like you’d break it in half by accident (who among us has not screwed up (as it were) the removal of a wine cork?), but as they demonstrate in the video, it’s pretty strong stuff. Yet it’s also flexible enough to allow you to pop your iPad in and hold it securely.

Of course, it isn’t very compact, and it doesn’t protect your screen. But it’s cool nevertheless. Costs 50 euros, or around $67.