Verizon's First iPhone Commercial: It Begins

Well that didn’t take long. Here it is, the first Verizon iPhone commercial.

As you can see, the focus is on clock — the first one on 11:59 — implying that people in all different walks of life are waiting for something. There’s the noise of a click constantly ticking in the background as a low hum becomes a louder hum.

Then the voice over: “To our millions of customers, who never stopped believing this day would come…”  The clock strikes 12. A girl smiles. “Thank you.” Cue the iPhone 4 logo. Cue the Verizon logo. Cue the launch date: 2.10.11. And then the new tagline: “It Begins”.

As expected, there’s nothing about Android. Nor is there anything about AT&T. It’s only about the iPhone. And Verizon. Together.