Can You Spot The Lacie Galet USB Drive In This Picture?

Hint: it is not the cufflinks, but it is near them. Yes, that thing. Lacie is making forays into the world of fashion, if we are to take their word for it, and the Galet is their first entry. “Hand-crafted in France, each piece is individually plated with precious silver through Christofle’s 150 year-old silvering process.” How luxurious!

The trouble comes when you have to plug it in. There are two issues.

First, on the fashion front, if you have anything to do with a computer while you are being fashion conscious, there’s something amiss. Most people using a laptop don’t have to look good doing it. And of course, the laptop itself is likely to be vulgar plastic, and union of such base design with this sleek silver semicircle seems unnatural.

Second, look at that chubby little thing. It’s going to block like three ports! As nice as the scalloping and silver are, it’s clear the designers weren’t thinking of usability. I mean, it’s not really about usability, but still.

The 4GB Galet costs $130. Stop, I don’t want to hear it! This is a luxury item, people.