Which Is More Likely: Retina Display On iPad 2, Or 3D Display On G-Slate?

So apparently there’s a bit of a rumor going around that T-Mobile’s G-Slate, which had the honor of introducing us to Honeycomb, will actually have an autostereoscopic 3D screen. The evidence: GPSandCo got word from LG that the thing would both take and display 3D images glasses-free.

But others aren’t so sure, and Engadget notes some conflicting information. And really, I seriously doubt that T-Mo’s first big tablet will be something as risky as 3D; autostereo displays are expensive and I’m pretty sure Android isn’t built from the ground up for 3D.

Who knows, though? Maybe the initial wave of tablets will be dominated by crazy screens like the rumored (and counter-un-rumored) iPad high-resolution screen, and potentially this weirdo LG thing. There will be a lot of competition, so maybe setting themselves apart from the pack is the right idea.

…Nah. 3D tablet? I don’t think so, not now anyway.