Samsung Outs The ST95, ST90, And ST65 Pocket Shooters

Point and shoot cameras keep getting better and better. These new cams from Samsung prove it. The ST95, ST90 and ST65 build upon the firm’s long-established product line with redesigned casing and optics. Chances are these new models won’t knock off your knee highs, but they’re still quality shooters.

All three shoot 720p HD movies with the big boy ST95 encoding with H.264 for more bang for your memory card buck. This model also rocks a 3-inch touchscreen with Sammy’s Smart Touch 3.0 user interface with built-in editing. This 16MP, 5X optical zoom camera will hit stores next month with an MSRP of $199.

The ST90 uses the same lens as the ST95 but just with a 14MP sensor behind it. This model also comes sans the touchscreen and H.264 compression, but it’s also $50 less. The ST65 (pictured) however is the bargain of the bunch with a 14MP sensor and slightly different lens configuration than the other two. Plus, it’s a tad more bulky but for $129, it’s hard to argue.