LivingSocial Hits A Million Amazon Gift Cards Sold, $20 Million In Card Value

LivingSocial has been offering $10 off any $20 Amazon purchase since 5 am this morning and it’s been a boon huge for the daily deals company, which Amazon has astutely invested $175 million in. Now the extremely popular deal has just crossed over the one million mark, with 12 hours to go. LivingSocial tells us that there are currently 99.4K vouchers being sold each hour, 2k vouchers being sold each minute and 85 vouchers being sold each second.

Already this has beat the Groupon/Gap deal which ended in $11 million worth of Groupons sold, and it’s still got a half a day left.

CenterNetworks is keeping an impressively vigilant track of the deal’s milestones, here.