HTC's First Tablet To Be Called "Flyer," Launch In March?

We heard a few weeks back about a tablet from HTC called the Scribe, and we expected it to be their first entry into that particular device category. But Digitimes reports that they’re actually going to put out one called the Flyer first, in March, and it’s essentially a big Desire.

It would ship in March with Android 2.3 on it, and then upgrade to 3.0 whenever Honeycomb gets released for viable devices. Two other tablets, likely larger and/or fancier, would launch in June.

We’ll see whether that’ll grab people. By then you’ll be looking at Xoom, Playbook, and likely iPad 2 release windows within a month or two, and people might want to wait. Especially if you’re not getting the “full” product until the other ones are available.