Go Figure – The Washington Post Sets Up A Facebook Agency Called SocialCode

Washington DC-based SocialCode is the latest Facebook-focused marketing agency on the planet. The company helps brands advertise on the popular social networking site, monetize their respective fan bases and also develops custom applications for the platform, and much more.

Peculiarly, the agency was established by The Washington Post Company, the media company behind (evidently) The Washington Post, Slate, TheRoot and other publications.

The obvious link: Don Graham, CEO and chairman of the board of The Washington Post Company, sits on Facebook’s board.

According to their boiler plate, SocialCode actually has its roots within the media company, where it ran internal Facebook performance ad campaigns.

One thing led to another, apparently:

We realized that this was something that could be useful to brands everywhere and decided to take that skill set out to the marketplace. We have since expanded our expertise to include engagement and fan monetization strategies. Our skilled front-end creative team and performance-driven analytics team allow SocialCode to run faster and smarter on day one on any Facebook campaign.

Perhaps it’s just me, but a prominent media company setting up a Facebook-centered advertising agency just strikes me as a bit odd. Maybe I’m just getting old.

Not completely unrelated: The Washington Post really likes Facebook.