AOL's Editions: The App For When You Crap

Apparently our parent AOL has this super-secret iPad app they’ve been working on for a few months. Like everyone else on the web today, the only thing we know about it is its name, Editions, and that it’s “coming soon” — the stuff on the teaser page. They (smartly) tend to not divulge secret project information to us. Based on the tagline, “The magazine that reads you”, we’re going to assume it’s a Flipboard-like app that looks at your interests and serves up content for you in a pretty format.

But actually, the “behind the scenes” video the team made as an easter egg for the teaser site actually reveals quite a bit more. For example, Senior Director of Mobile Projects, Sol Lipman, was more in favor of the tagline: “The app for when you crap.”

Watch below as Lipman, VP of Communications, Kiersten Hollars, President of Consumer Applications, Brad Garlinghouse, VP of Mobile, David Temkin, and others from the AOL family yuk it up at the west coast HQ. There’s even a too-insidery reference to a certain situation.