You're Not Mark Zuckerberg – But This Shop Lets You Dress Like Him

This has apparently been around for a while, so excuse me if you’ve seen it before. A riff on Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mark by Mark Zuckerberg lets you dress like Facebook’s already iconic founder and CEO. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Who cares if Esquire Magazine just named Zuckerberg among the worst-dressed celebrities of 2010? He’s CEO, bitch. And a 26 year-old billionaire despite his wardrobe, but I digress.

The awesome e-shop was created by Nathan from the On & True blog.

So what’s for sale?

A bathrobe, plain white socks, elastic jeans, Adidas flip-flops, ties and a customer T-shirt. Of course. Missing, though: a hoodie and zippered North Face sweatshirt.

My absolute favorite item, however: the Goldman Sack. Priceless! Well, $18.