Backupify Backupified 136 Million Tweets, 713 Million Emails In 2010

Backupify, a cloud computing service that backs up data on other cloud computing services, has just released a “year in review” announcement that includes staggering data on the amount of content saved through the platform.

Founded in 2008 by Rob May, Backupify backs up all your data on services like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, and YouTube. The service keeps all the raw data for you and creates a downloadable PDF with, for instance, all your Tweets, direct messages, followers, people you follow, and profile info. The startup, which has raised $6 million in funding, also recently launched a deeper Facebook integration that saves data from News Feeds, Wall Posts, Photo Albums and Messages from Pages.

According to Backupify, the company expanded its overall user base by over 122,000 users, and is now responsible for the storage of over 66 terabytes of user data—up from 2 terabytes on January 1, 2010. This massive amount of data includes 136 million Tweets, 713 million emails, and 92 million photos. Clearly, services like Backupify are growing as more users want control over the data they upload onto social web services.