Japan To Get Disney-Themed Android Phone

Disney may have pulled the plug on their cell phone business in the US in 2007, but in Japan (where the company’s characters have a huge fan base), its MVNO is apparently doing pretty well. And now it comes to light [JP] that next month, Disney enthusiasts living in that country will be able to lay their hands on a special Android phone.

Disney Japan isn’t revealing much at this point, but the handset will come with Android 2.2 on board. It will be the company’s first smartphone and offer various Disney-related features, for example cute wallpapers, special widgets, Disney apps etc.

Subscribers will also get an MVNO-exclusive cell phone email address (@disney.ne.jp) and one of the cute cases pictured below.

It’s not official, but judging by the initial spec list, it looks like Disney Japan will be selling a rebranded version of the Sharp Galapagos 003SH, which features a 3.8-inch, naked-eye 3D touchscreen, a 9.6MP CMOS camera, and a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU.