OMG/JK: Pushing Google's Nonexistent Buttons

Earlier this week we had a special episode of OMG/JK to mark the launch of the Verizon iPhone, but we’re already back for more. I know what you’re thinking: this may be the best week, ever.

In this episode we discuss recent rumors about the iPad 2 — which will likely come with a new, higher resolution screen and a SD card slot. We also take a look at the rumors that the iPad and iPhone may soon ditch their single, iconic buttons.

Next, we examine Google’s recent bold moves to promote WebM and move away from H.264, which has the web in a bit of a tizzy as it debates what this will mean for the future of web video.

Finally, we take a broader look at some of the problems that Google has had lately, and why the public and the press seem to have been criticizing the search giant more than usual.

And yes, we do a deep analysis on rampant rumors that Facebook may shut down on March 15. Or not.

This episode ran a little long (we had a lot of ground to cover when it came to all of the negative press aimed toward Google). So we’ve included handy links below that will let you jump to each topic.

Video Links:

Our discussion on WebM

Our Discussion on the Google backlash

Here are some articles relevant to this episode:

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