Zoho Preparing Online Accounting Service Zoho Books (Screenshots)

It appears that Zoho is expanding its productivity suite empire once again with the launch of Zoho Books, an online accounting software. We were alerted to the new product by a reader, who managed to find the company’s 26th product (though it appears that Zoho has taken the site down). We’ve posted screenshots below.

Similar to Quickbooks, Zoho Books is an online accounting software that gives business as snapshot of money flowing into and out of accounts. According to the site, the software allows you to send invoices for payments, receive online payments, record bills and expenses, monitor bank and credit card transactions, deal in a variety of currencies, manage contacts, and share data.

Zoho recently added Zoho Support, a web-based help desk software, to its productivity suite empire. The company has an impressive collection of applications considering that it competes with Microsoft ad Google and has never raised any outside funding.