Netlog creates, becomes part of Massive Media; expands to New York and Dubai

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European social networking site Netlog is to become part of a newly established social media company dubbed Massive Media, the company announced yesterday.

The Ghent, Belgium-based company says its product portfolio will soon be expanded to new markets but declined to disclose any further information on future projects at this point.

Co-founder and CEO Lorenz Bogaert did reveal that the company recently hired 25 new employees to work on new endeavors inside Massive Media.

What we also know is that Netlog’s online gaming division, Gatcha!, will be structured into a separate business unit, and that the current shareholding structure of Netlog will remain unchanged in its transition to a property of the Massive Media group.

Gatcha!, which was launched back in October 2009, will henceforth be headed by Simon Perry. Formerly at multi-platform casual games company Oberon Media, Perry brings some gaming industry clout to the table.

Gatcha! will continue to operate from Ghent, but will also open a New York office, as previously announced. Massive Media is also establishing an office in Dubai for business development in the MENA markets, which will be managed by Timothy Bataille.

In 2007, Index Ventures and Atomico Ventures invested 5 million euros in Netlog – the company hasn’t raised any funding since then. Bogaert tells me the company’s profitable and will only look to raise more funding if and when it plans to make acquisitions in the future.

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  • Ahsan Ali

    Well… welcome to Dubai!

  • Marcz

    Interesting to see what will happen in the ME…

  • Average Joe

    Massive Media and the brands/activities it holds are a desperate attempt of Netlog management to pretend like everything is going fine, while my feeling is they are sitting on a sinking ship. First of all Gatcha!. Let’s have a look at some numbers. Gatcha currently has 86 (you read it well, 86!) monthly active users on their Facebook app. When you go to the site you will read this: “Gatcha! will distribute your game for you on all major social networks and web-portals reaching hundreds of millions of players”. Actually the only significant group of Gatcha players are the Netlog members playing games. Netlog on the other hand pretends to have an active user base of 70M users, acquiring over 500.000 new members/week. I would say that is absolutely rubbish. Just take a look at or some official data from the local territories where Netlog claims to be strong (like Austria or Belgium) You will see a very, very steep decline in traffic in the last 12 months. I bet they only have a fraction of the audience they claim. Furthermore the concept of Massive Media seems a bit fluffy. All products, ratecards and cases refer to Hopefully they have some tricks up their sleeve, because they will need them.

  • Tony

    Awesome move, looking forward to their results.

  • Tony

    Awesome move, looking forward to their results.

  • Sarah

    A Belgian company with a lot of international potential – already proven. Well done I would say and keep up the good work. Hope to hear soon about the new projects.

  • Direct Adoptions

    wow, did not know netlog was so big in Europe

  • Underdog

    Nice to hear/read that Netlog is expanding.

  • Mike Butcher

    Doesn’t sound like a great exit for Index.

    • Robin Wauters

      They’re rebranding the company, it isn’t an exit at all :)

  • Gru

    I’m having a bad bad day…

  • Pao8041

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  • Amon Amarth

    They are PUritan and stupid!  Netlog is puritan and idiot!   

    A Movie 13 +…. viewed  In all Cinema IS more hard Core than their Official Laws and rules!

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