Kickstarter: The PadPivot Might Be The First True Universal, Multi-Function Tablet Stand

That about does it. The PadPivot must be the last novel idea in tablet stands. Shut down the Chinese design factories. This seems to address the entire market’s needs and more.

Not only does the PadPivot do multi-angle, table-top tablet mounting and holding, but the contoured shape is designed for legs, too. Most tablet users can attest, this is the most common usage location anyway. The Kickstarter demo video shows why. You sit down, put the tablet on your thigh and then do a little balancing routine to keep it in place. With the PadPivot, you simply rest the backside of the iPad or any other slate device on the PadPivot’s pad while the rounded shape holds to your leg. Oh, and it folds up nicely, too. I’m sold.

The creators are looking to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter, which will allow them to start the injection molding process. As of this post’s writing, the project is 2-days old and they’re already north of 10% ($1,155~) towards their target goal. User funding starts at $5 with pledges of $25 or more netting users a PadPivot and more.

There’s a good chance thanks to the winning combo of a clever design and fair pledge levels that the PadPivot could reach similar success levels as the Glif iPhone tripod, the C-Loop, and the iPod Nano Watchband. Here’s hoping they do.

Update 3 hours after posting: They hit their target goal of $10,000 and they’re just two days in! Good product + Kickstarter = Success