Instagram For The BlackBerry [Screenshot]

Inspired by the epic Angry Birds for BlackBerry, Myspace VP Sean Percival has come up with a mock hypothetical of what the popular photosharing app Instagram would look like on the text-heavy and camera-weak BlackBerry platform. The above image is particularly humorous when coupled with the fact that Instagram, which just hit one million downloads, has not yet launched on Android.

Percival’s ultimate message here is intended to go beyond humor however as he’s actually posted the image to Instagram as an experiment, “With so many brands getting into Instagram I was curious how a piece of humor (or viral) content might do within the Instagram ecosystem itself. No doubt those brands will need to bring something more than that perfectly filtered photo of a kitty cat to make an impact.”

Going “Popular” or viral with “Likes” on Instagram has become a bit of a status symbol amongst the tech set as of late, and it will take some pretty creative maneuvering to get people to “Like” a branded photo of a Peets or Starbucks logo, no matter how artful.