Croatian Coffee Cafe Caters To iPad People

When you go into a coffee shop anymore, isn’t it just full of iPads, others tabs, and coffee labs? These days, many of us aren’t looking to newspaper as a source of breaking and premium content; instead we’d rather know what conflict @kanyewest or @michaelarrington have gotten into.

The Box coffee shop in Split, Croatia is no different, except that they will be providing free iPads instead of free newspapers. The move away from newspaper is said to be “greener,” since the shop won’t have to throw away the papers every day. As a anti-theft method, the cafe fitted the iPads with a security tag that alerts baristas if the tablet has moved far from the table.

Let’s be honest here, tech people have got to be the biggest consumers of coffee; it’s impossible to machine-out otherwise. By appealing to techies, The Box will bring in all the caffeine addicted Twitter heads.