My Nomination For The Worst/Best Official URL Ever: ""

If you don’t know what the term “rimjob” means, I wouldn’t recommend Googling it. Mainly because if I did recommend it, I’d get fired. Lets just say this: it has absolutely nothing to do with cars. Or basketball.

If you do know what the term means, you’ll probably find it a bit entertaining that the URL is being used in a perfectly safe-for-work way. More accurately, it’s being used in a perfectly safe-for-getting-work way: it’s the short URL for RIM’s (as in Research in Motion’s) career/jobs page.

As far as I can tell from a quick WHOIS search, RIM really does own this domain. You just know there’s some domain-buying-group over at RIM quietly giggling and highfiving each other for this one. (On another note: Sadly, isn’t anything awesome.)

Now, go ahead and clear your history.