For His Blog: Man Has Been Taking Pictures Of Same Vending Machine For 5 Years

It’s no secret the Japanese love their vending machines, but this is extreme: a man from Sapporo has been taking pictures of the same vending machine (almost) every day since August 2005. The man, a person called Ikeda, is still uploading each picture on a blog he set up more than five years ago just for his strange hobby – just for fun.

I first thought this is either fake, a case of objectophilia or a viral marketing campaign by Coca Cola (the machine sells drinks), but it’s well documented in Japan’s blogosphere that Ikeda is a regular person (here‘s his Flickr account).

When drinks or prices change overnight, Ikeda makes an effort to highlight every single change, as you can see below:

What you see on top of this post is the original vending machine from August 2005. Pictured below is the new version (the machine has been replaced once).

Via Asiajin [ENG]