Ease Seasonal Depression The Easy Way With Valkee Ear Buds

I’ve always worried about people on depression meds; there are all kinds of meds, like Prozac and whatnot, then if that’s not working — probably due to overuse — there’s Abilify. Are you f’in kidding me? Stop these bad things now! Now! And check out some depression-fighting ear buds.

Those going with the natural way — good diet and exercise — needing an extra boost can check out the new development from Finnish company Valkee. Just by wearing them for 8-12 minutes, users can ease seasonal depression. The researchers believe that we need more light in the brain, not just the eyes — so sungazing is not really an effective solution — so by placing the buds in the ears, light can effectively get to the brain. Happy days ahead.

Cost is 185€, but good luck getting them shipped here. Right now they don’t ship to the US.