CrunchDeals: TiVo Premiere DVR For $60

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TiVo‘s are great and without doubt the best DVR on the planet. How’s it better than your standard Comcast box? It’s like the difference between LEGO and off-brand interlocking blocks. They do the same thing, but one is just so much more developed — and generally priced higher, too. However, Woot has your back and is hawking a TiVo Premiere unit over on for only $60.

Yes, you still have to pay the $12.95 per month to use the TiVo service. Yes, you have to get a CableCard from your cable provide. Yes, your cable provider will throw a fit about you asking for a Cable Card. (Fun story: I once asked for four Cable Cards and Comcast rolled two trucks and four techs including a regional supervisor to my house.) But yes, if you’re a TV watcher, there’s nothing like a TiVo. Period.

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