PSP2 To Be Announced On January 27th?

The fact that there is a PSP2 is kind of an open secret: Sony hasn’t said a word, but developers have confirmed they’re working with them, and we saw some supposedly leaked pics. Now the same site that showed off the pics is claiming (sources be damned!) that Sony is planning a big meeting with select press to announce the PSP2 this month, on the 27th.

The timing is good; they definitely want to get it out in the open before the 3DS hits, or they’ll be buried. And if they’re smart, they’ll put the hardware specs and capabilities front and center, since the 3DS can’t match them there.

VG247 isn’t naming any names, but another blog has stepped forward to say they’ve confirmed this. It’s all speculation at the moment, though, so don’t get too excited. We’ll update if we hear anything to confirm or deny all this stuff.