The Verizon iPhone Product Pages And More Are Alive For Your Ogling

The Verizon iPhone lives! Hurray! But now comes the long wait until February 10th. Yeah, it’s going to be tough sitting there, staring at the one bar next to the AT&T logo on your current iPhone when you know salvation is just right around the corner.

But fear not, while we’ll have plenty of Verizon iPhone stories for you to peep in the coming days, Verizon just went live with a slew of iPhone pages that should keep you entertained until the lines start forming at Verizon stores everywhere.

First, there’s the Verizon iPhone interactive product showcase, which is pretty much your standard Apple-style feature page. It highlights most everything you already know about the phone: Facetime, the awesome Retina Display, and the built in apps and functions. Click over to this landing page and then the “More about iPhone 4” button under the phone to launch the webapp.

But that page doesn’t really answer any Verizon-themed questions. That’s what the FAQ and Getting Ready Guide is for. Both cover topics such as if the iPhone is eligible for the New Every Two upgrade path (it is), early upgrade promos, and so much more. Then there’s the Check Early Upgrade program that brings existing VZW subscribers to the My Verizon page.

Really the only question not answered by these pages is whether the highly-touted Verizon network will hold up once iPhones starts mixing with the Droids and BlackBerrys. Hopefully.