MarketMeSuite trumpets percentage growth figures but we have some raw numbers

MarketMeSuite, the social media marketing dashboard that has been flying somewhat under the radar of TechCrunch Europe, is keen to trumpet some stats today, claiming growth of over 500% in the last 6 months or most recently, 30% month on month. Of course, these percentages are pretty meaningless on their own – more on that in a bit. But first, what exactly is MarketMeSuite.

The paid-for subscription-only service – yes, they’ve shunned the popular freemium model to head straight for a pay day – enables businesses to manage their marketing campaigns on Twitter and Facebook via a desktop application, which competes to varying degrees with something like TweetDeck or more directly Hootsuite and CoTweet.

In fact, it started off as a Twitter-only offering, claiming to be the first to offer branded tweets. What this entails is using the meta-data attached to a tweet that indicates what client or service it was sent from, including a hyperlink, to actually link to the brand’s own website. In the early days of Twitter this was probably quite significant but, of course, nowadays the microblogging service is displaying these links a lot less prominently.

Back to those newly surfaced numbers.

Although percentage growth figures, such as those mentioned, don’t tell anything like the full story however good they may sound, we’ve learned that MarketMeSuite actually has 5,000 paying subscribers, while the UK startup took nearly $20,000 in subscription fees in December 2010, claiming an 85% retention rate. That’s not too shabby, I guess, for a service that charges from the get-go with a subscription costing $5.99 per-month. Before you ask, the 20k figure represents a mixture of monthly and annual subscribers (who get a discount for paying a year up front), while MarketMeSuite’s subscriber base numbers overall also include those customers on a limited-offer “lifetime” package, so no recurring revenue there.

Other interesting stats reveal that MarketMeSuite users scheduled over 1 million posts – scheduling status updates is a major feature of the service – while its users send over 5 million tweets per month. We’ve also learned that version three of MarketMeSuite should debut later this month – video preview below.